Areas for feature additions

Jan 4, 2015 at 8:58 AM
Hi team, I'm back after spending significantly more time working with implementing this solution for "in Excel" AML. So far I have determined the following things as needing some love that I thought I would share.

Most of the issues I seem to have revolve around getting the functions to make calls without using macros to refresh the values in the cells. Currently, the primary call for fast predict to get the result will fail if the get json function hasn't been refreshed by pretending to change the value in the cell (I have been going to the cell, deleting the ")" and then typing it in again and hitting enter). It will give a #VALUE error until this is done.

Once this is done, fastpredict works as expected, but to put this out in a production environment I would prefer not to send them a macro enabled file that only needs a macro to do this on worksheet open. Azurepredict of course works without this bit of set up work, but it is definitely slower (I now see why fastpredict was written) since it is sending both calls sequentially each time.

Basically, there are a lot of instances where just hitting refresh or pressing F9 will not execute the calls for the AML functions, and one has to go to the AML formula cells and make a dummy change to them before the API will work properly. Some bug fixing or feature addition here would work wonders. I would love it if the plugin would make an initial call using the functions it finds within the active worksheet immediately as the worksheet is loaded. Any workarounds you can think of would be appreciated, but for now I will be going with whichever the stakeholders prefer- a bit of setup at the start or slower predictions.

Similarly, in an earlier project we were making multiple calls to different AML web services simultaneously in the same worksheet. Because the API would send multiple calls to AML using different URIs and keys at the same time, one of them would bounce back because AML isn't designed for such functionality. As such, I was forced to write a macro for a "refresh" button that would sequentially update the URI before each calculation and set it so Excel would only refresh if the button was pressed. It would be nice if handling multiple calls across different URIs was built in at some point because that feature was very well received and would have been even better if the values simply updated as each input value in a cell was changed for a more "snappy" interface. I envision that it would be very powerful to create dashboards calling several AML model outputs into a single worksheet or workbook... it just makes AML so much more tangible. I spend most of my days in building 109 in Redmond if you are nearby and would like to see what I'm talking about in person. This is public so look me up on Lync or let me know if you're interested and we'll set something up.

David McClellan
Jan 6, 2015 at 7:34 AM
Thank you Ragnorock. This is very useful feedback. I will have someone connect with you